A&E Awards and Engraving Magazine Spotlight on Standout Creations

Exclusive Coverage: Standout Creations Launches Redesigned Integrated Website
Standout Creations announces the launch of its redesigned website, which boasts a new look, updates and an integrated system.“It’s been on our bucket list for awhile,” Standout Creations Co-Owner Bill Richardson tells A&E magazine. “A lot of people said they liked our original site, but we wanted to modernize it, make it eye catching, and streamline the system.”Prior to the update, Standout Creations used Shopify for the backend of their e-commerce highlighting products, whereas the company’s website was used to feature services. “Because they were two separate entities, some people would go only to the shop and see products, but the new site draws more attention to other aspects of the business,” Richardson explains. Promotional product services were also added to the company’s list of services, as well as an integration with Instagram to automatically update and highlight the Standout Creations portfolio.Richardson hopes that after an official announcement to customers about the changes, the company will receive more feedback as they continue to update its redesigned website.For more information, visit www.standout-creations.myshopify.com.